Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Al Meezan, we work in an ethical framework and as an entity we owe an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large. We endeavor to remain as a socially responsible institution to be considered as a reliable and trust worthy investment partner at all times.

Al Meezan promotes a culture of responsibility through its values, ethics, people, and practices. It seeks to integrate its business operations and values so that the interests of Al Meezan’s investors, employees and communities are reflected in company policies and the actions we take every day.

We believe that our customers always come first, that we respect each other, and that integrity and honesty come above all, ultimately making them the cornerstones of our corporate culture. At Al Meezan we are committed to maintain and continuously improve our culture of customer service, respect and integrity. It can be seen in the way we value ethics, people, and the environment.

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Ethics Integrity and Transparency

Ethics, Integrity and Transparency

Al Meezan’s success depends on the ability to maintain the trust and respect of customers and employees. To that end, Al Meezan’s employees are expected to demonstrate high standards of professional conduct when engaged in company business. Honesty, integrity and personal responsibility are at the core of how we conduct business.
The Company and the employees abide by the CFA Institute Code of Professional Conduct wherein employees are prohibited from putting their own interests ahead of the interests of Al Meezan’s clients.
We are also complying with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) that further promotes transparency and accuracy of the communicated information to our investors.

The Environment

At Al Meezan, we recognize the importance of safe environment that is closely linked to the welfare of our community at large. Al Meezan is committed to protect the environment and embrace principles of environmental responsibility in our everyday business practices. In this regard, the company has taken initiatives to promote a paperless environment.

Quality Assurance Measures

Assurance Measures

We are committed to provide world-class quality products and services to our customers and are very much concerned about the protection of our investors’ interest. Staff at customer care department is trained to specially ensure adherence to customer privacy and safeguard of information, while dealing with sensitive material.

To ensure a culture of “Quality Customer Service”, we have a dedicated Service Quality Department. The objective of this Department is to strengthen our service culture, competitiveness and infrastructure by working closely with other departments. The emphasis is on achieving an enhanced overall “Customer Satisfaction” level.

Regular training sessions are conducted for sales teams; call centers staff and other front-end staff on “Service Excellence” & “Compliance Related Policies”.

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Donations and Charities

Al Meezan has joined hands with Indus Hospital, Karachi to raise funds through a co-branded investment product- Meezan Indus Hospital Support Plan. This CSR initiative is the first of its kind by any asset management company in Pakistan which aims at facilitating the philanthropic health care provided for the underprivileged of our society.

In the times of adversity in Pakistan, Al Meezan and its employees have stood firm with the affected and have offered a huge helping hand in relief activities.

Quality Assurance Measures