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Meezan Daily Income Fund

Meezan Daily Income Plan-I

Investment Objective

The “Meezan Daily Income Plan (MDIP-I)” is an Allocation Plan under “Meezan Daily Income Fund (MDIF)” with an objective to provide investors with a competitive rate of return, together with daily payout, through investment in Shariah Compliant Fixed Income Instruments.

Investment Strategy

The allocation plans under this fund shall primarily invest in Islamic Fixed Income instruments as per their respective authorized investible avenues, and as approved by the Shariah Advisor. The allocation plans under this fund shall be subject to such exposure limits as are specified in the Rules, the Regulations and directives issued by SECP from time to time.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Competitive Halal Returns
  • Good Avenue for short to medium term investments
  • No lock in period: Investors are entitled to profits even if they invest for a day
  • Easy Online Investment and Redemption Facility Available
  • Easy access through Mobile Application and Meezan Funds Online
  • Professional Management of your savings by experienced fund managers with a proven track record
  • Under the supervision of a reputable Shariah Advisor; Dr. Imran Ashraf Usmani

Choose this Fund If You Are Seeking

  • Daily Dividend Distribution
  • Monthly Payouts

Fund Facts

Fund Type

Open End

Fund Category


Launch Date

13th Sep, 2021

Fund Size

161.22 Bn

as on April 30th, 2024


6 Months

average deposit rates of 3 A-rated Islamic Banks

Risk Profile


Unit Types

A, B and S

Management Fee

Up to 5%

of the gross earnings of the Scheme, calculated on a daily basis, subject to a minimum of 0.1% of the average daily net assets

Actual Rate of Management Fee


Front End Load

Up to 1.5%

Bank End Load




Central Depository Company Pakistan Limited



Pakistan Stock Exchange

Fund Manager

Zohaib Saeed


Asset Manager Rating



Minimum Investment Amount

Rs. 200,000

& its multiples
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Fund Performance

FY23 FY22* FY21 FY20 FY19 FY18 FY17 FY16 FY15
MDIP-I 16.86% 10.58% - - - - - - -
Benchmark 6.06% 3.39% - - - - - - -
* 290 Days of Operations