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Al Meezan Investments

Why Al Meezan

As the Largest private sector asset management company in Pakistan, we offer a comprehensive range of Shariah compliant investment solutions. With a track record of over 27 years, we are the only company in Pakistan with the sole mandate to provide Shariah compliant investment solutions

Company Overview

Al Meezan Investments has a vision: To make Shariah Compliant Investing a first choice for investors.  Having a diverse clientele base of over 162,000 investors, ranging from institutions and businesses to individuals and High Net Worth clients, we offer investment solutions, mutual funds and investment advisory services which are catering to specific needs of each of our customers.

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We are supported and sponsored by the leading financial institutions of Pakistan.
Meezan Bank Limited is the Premier and the Largest Islamic Commercial Bank in the country, which has successfully pioneered the development and marketing of a number of Islamic Banking products in Pakistan. Pak Kuwait Investment Company, a Joint Venture between the Governments of Pakistan and Kuwait, is a leading financial institution engaged in investment activities in Pakistan.

Our Service Partners

In order to offer the services that our client expect from us, We partner with leading institutions that share our commitment to excellence.

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Shariah Compliance

Shariah Advisor

We are very particular about providing Halal and Riba-Free investment opportunities.

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The Functions

The role of the Shariah Advisor is to ensure compliance with Islamic Shariah principles.

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Our Advantage

Al Meezan is one of the leading and fastest growing asset management companies in Pakistan. There are many reasons which set us apart and make us the preferred choice of thousands of investors. Join us and be a part of Al Meezan Family.

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27 Years Journey

Awards and Achievements

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Al Meezan, we work in an ethical framework and as an entity we owe an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large. We endeavor to remain as a socially responsible institution to be considered as a reliable and trust worthy investment partner at all times.

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