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Welcome To The Future

Al Meezan’s Mobile Application

Al Meezan’s State of the Art Mobile Application is designed as a one-stop solution to deliver absolute convenience 24/7 to our investors while enjoying a host of exciting features. It not only enables you to open your account but also helps you manage and track your investments with ease, anytime, anywhere.

If you are a registered user of Meezan Funds Online on Al Meezan’s web portal, you can use the same login ID and password for Al Meezan’s Mobile App. Upon installation, you will have your personal investment dashboard which will have the following features:

  • Investment, Redemption and Conversion Services
  • Live Investor Dash Board
  • Market Watch for Equity, Money Market, Forex & Commodities
  • Investment Product Details
  • Investment Guide and Suggestions
  • Fund Manager Reports
  • View gain and loss on your investments
  • View status of your transactions
  • Live NAV Reporting
  • Branch Locator
Welcome to the Future

IBFT and Bill Payment Services

Experience Convenience like never before with Al Meezan’s 24/7 Inter Bank Fund Transfer and Billy Payment Services

  • Available on the App & Meezan Funds Online portal
  • Inter Bank Fund Transfer (IBFT)
  • Utility Bill payment
  • Mobile Top-ups
  • Transaction History
  • Alerts and Notifications

Schedule of Charges for IBFT:

IBFT transaction slab (PKR) Per transaction charges (PKR)
1-10,000 50
10,001-50,000 70
50,001-100,000 75
100,001-150,000 80
150,001-250,000 100
Online Investment Facility

Investment Facility

  • All Al Meezan customers have access to an online investment option
  • There is no requirement to provide a cheque or form for investments
  • Making investments from any location is easy and convenient
  • The online investment platform saves time and is user-friendly
  • There is no maximum limit on the transaction amount
  • Instant confirmation of your investment is provided

Meezan Funds Online

Our upgraded Meezan Funds Online platform provides a convenient e-Transaction facility, granting you 24/7 access to your investment account from anywhere, at any time. This service offers a host of benefits, including:

  • Conduct e-transactions within your account and track the trail of activities such as Redemption and Conversion transactions
  • Stay informed about the current value of your investments
  • Access and view your account statements
  • Gain insights into the graphical representation of your investment account composition
  • View and manage your profile details

To login to Meezan Funds Online Click Here.

For Meezan Funds Online registration, Click Here. After submitting the online Registration Form, a system generated email will be sent to your email ID in which a link will be given for starting Meezan Funds Online first time. Please set your password and enjoy the facility.

Account Opening Facility

  • Simplified steps to Open an Account through Al Meezan’s website* Meezan’s website*
  • There is no requirement to visit a branch or submit a physical form
  • Upon completion, you will receive instant confirmation of your account opening
  • All transactions will be conducted exclusively through the online channel
*Conditions Apply
Online Account Opening Facility
Online Transactions

Online Transactions

Internet Banking Services

With our Internet Banking Service you can manage your investments 24/7 from anywhere.
  • Invest, redeem and convert online
  • Check the current value of your investments
  • Register for ATM facility mutual funds redemption
  • Subscribe for systematic investment plan for regular investments by giving one time instructions
This facility is currently available to all unit holders of Al Meezan Investments maintaining a bank account at Meezan Bank. To activate e-banking facility through Meezan Bank’s website Click Here.

ATM Facility

Al Meezan offers a distinctive option to meet your urgent liquidity needs by providing instant cash through Meezan Bank’s ATM as per the ATM Limit. This convenient service enables you to:

  • Use any of the Meezan Bank ATM/VISA Debit Card for 24/7 Redemption facility

You can register for this service online at Meezan Bank’s internet banking website.

ATM Facility

Mobile Transaction Alert Services

Mobile Transaction Alert Service helps you keep a track of your account activity. This service provides you confirmation of transaction(s) in your account through SMS, free of cost.

To receive mobile transaction alerts, please ensure that your mobile number is present in our records. In other case, you can update by downloading the “Change in Profile” form available at our website and submitting it at any of Al Meezan offices or Meezan Bank branches.

Mobile Transaction Alert Services

SMS Services

With our SMS service, you can access information related to the funds and investment account. Simply send an SMS to ‘6655’ and gain access to the following information:

Investment Value Check your current account balance. Simply SMS BAL <space> <Portfolio ID> to ‘6655’
Fund Prices Obtain latest NAV/Fund prices by SMS NAV to ‘6655’
Zakat Status Check your current Zakat Status, SMS ‘ZS’ <space> <Portfolio ID> to ‘6655’
Investment Advisor SMS ‘Invest’ to request for an Investment Advisor to contact you from your registered mobile number.

The SMS is sent to your registered mobile number. In order to change/update your number, please submit a “Change in Profile” Form.

Email Services

Email Services

Through our email services you can get the following benefits:
  • Daily prices of Al Meezan funds
  • Monthly Fund Manager Reports
  • Announcements and News Updates
For subscription to these services, Click Here and you can also contact us through our Toll-free number i.e. 0800-HALAL (42525) or E-mail us at [email protected]. This information will help you to plan your investment strategy accordingly.

SMS Alerts

You can also subscribe to various SMS alert services including:
  • Announcements and News Updates
For subscription to these services, Click Here and you can also contact us through our Toll-free number i.e. 0800-HALAL (42525) or Email us at [email protected].

* MBL ATM card holders can perform maximum of 3 transactions leading to a total of 50% of the amount available in the fund, or per day ATM card limit (whichever is lower) through any MBL’s ATM. CGT would be adjusted by redeeming additional units along with the redemption units from your account.

**SMS charges may apply as per the vendor.
SMS Alerts

Tele Transaction Facility

Your convenience is our priority! Your transactions got a whole lot easier! Just call us at 0800-42525 and get your Redemptions and Conversions processed.

  • Free of cost service
  • Simple and easy way of making transactions without any smartphone
  • No physical forms required
  • Available for all the Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) except MTPF
  • Available only for Individual Account Holders

For Terms and conditions, Click Here