Our Philosophy - Al Meezan Investment Management Limited
Al Meezan Investments

Our Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on a long-term strategic view, seeking to deliver sound investment returns with acceptable levels of risk and consistent value creation for our investors in a Shariah compliant manner.


To make Shariah compliant investing a first choice for investors.


To establish Al Meezan as a leading and trusted brand for savings and investments by offering innovative Shariah compliant investment solutions through ethical conduct, value added services and optimal returns, while protecting the interest of all stakeholders.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are the 5 pillars of our foundation. They reflect and reinforce our character and standing  as an organization. These values depict the paradigm of our internal and external expectations: Our dealings with members of the organization, our customers, the shareholders and the communities we serve. Our corporate culture is based on these values and serves as a beacon of guidance for all our employees.

Our values are not about what we do or how we do it infact they are about who we are and why we exist. These values, which fuel our drive to achieve newer milestones at every step of our journey to success are:

  1. Shariah Compliance

    We ensure that all business operations and activities are Shariah compliant. As a Shariah Compliant entity we are also accountable for ensuring that rulings and decisions made by the regulators, Shariah Board and Shariah Advisors are complied with across the organization.

  2. Ethical Standards

    We practice high ethical standards at work and in our services. Maintaining high ethical standards in the workplace translates in prioritizing the interest of the client, acting with integrity, competence and diligence, and respecting our dealings with the public, clients, prospective clients and colleagues.

  3. Professional Excellence

    Professional excellence is about achieving excellence as an employee. It is at the core of being a “professional.” Ensuring our approach to work and the people we work with – supervisors, colleagues and/or customers – is in a professional and respectful manner.

  4. Service Excellence

    Service excellence is an attitude engrained in every department and employee. From support staff to the CEO, we simply go beyond delivering products and helping customers achieve their financial objectives. It is essential that we provide a unique customer experience by proactively anticipating and exceeding customers’ needs every time.  Excellence is a consistent, premium service at every point of contact which is set by our service-oriented tone that drives our company’s strategy at every level.

  5. Social Responsibility

    We work in an ethical framework, which suggests that as an entity we have an obligation to act for the benefit of our society at large. We want to contribute towards sustainable development not only through our products but also through the way we conduct business.