Fund of Funds

Meezan Strategic Allocation Fund – III

Meezan Strategic Allocation Fund​-II​I

Investment Objective

Meezan Strategic Allocation Fund-III objective is to earn potentially high returns through investment as per respective Allocation Plans by investing in Shariah Compliant Fixed Income / Money Market Collective Investment Schemes and Equity based Collective Investment Schemes.

Investment Strategy

For taking exposure to equities, the Allocation Plan shall primarily invest in Shariah Compliant Equity and Islamic Index Schemes managed by Al Meezan and also other Asset Management Companies subject to the prior approval of the Shariah Advisor. Whereas for taking exposure to Fixed Income / Money Market asset classes, the Plan shall invest in Shariah Compliant Money Market and Shariah Compliant Fixed Income Schemes managed by Al Meezan or other Asset Management Companies as well as in Cash at Bank accounts of Islamic Banks and licensed Islamic Banking windows of conventional Banks (excluding TDRs) and Shariah GOP Ijara Sukuk not exceeding 90 days remaining maturity as approved by the Shariah Advisor.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Allows up to 100 % equity participation based on Fund Managers outlook on the market
  • Strategy reflective of investor’s risk appetite as market conditions change
  • Professional Management of your savings by experienced fund managers with a proven track record
  • Under the supervision of a reputable Shariah Advisor; Dr. Imran Ashraf Usmani

Choose this Fund If You Are Seeking

  • Active Allocation between Equity and Money Market
  • Risk Controlled Strategy

Fund Facts

Fund Type

Open End

Fund Category

Fund of Funds

Launch Date

14th May, 2019


Fund Size

246.99 Mn

as on April 30th, 2024


Weighted avg. return of KMI 30 Index and Fixed Income/ Money Market Scheme as per actual allocation

Risk Profile


Plan Specific

Unit Types


Management Fee


if investment is made in CIS of other AMCs or Cash/ near cash instruments

Actual Rate of Management Fee


Management fee of 1% on investments in Cash/ near cash instruments

Front End Load


Bank End Load




Central Depository Company Pakistan Limited



Pakistan Stock Exchange

Fund Manager

Asif Imtiaz


Asset Manager Rating


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Fund Performance

FY23 FY22 FY21 FY20 FY19* FY18 FY17 FY16 FY15
MCPP-IX 11.61% 1.37% 18.36% 5.45% -3.60% - - - -
Benchmark 5.58% -1.17% 17.14% -1.17% -2.00% - - - -
* 45 Days of Operations