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Meezan Indus Hospital Support Plan – MIHSP

Meezan Indus Hospital Support Plan is Pakistan’s first Shariah compliant co-branded administrative plan, managed by Al Meezan to enhance the donation and investment experience for donors and investors alike.

Meezan Indus Hospital Support Plan (MIHSP) is structured by Al Meezan for the benefit of Indus Hospital. It is launched under Meezan Financial Planning Fund of Fund (MFPF) as an open end Shariah compliant Fund of Fund Scheme.

This is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative to support the philanthropic health care program for the underprivileged segment of society, totally free of cost.

Investment Objective & Philosophy

The objective of MIHSP is to facilitate
  • The investors with a unique means of donating their funds with various options related to their investment and profits, if any.
  • The Indus Hospital with a new avenue for mobilization of its donation proceeds and investing the same with the ultimate objective of meeting its growth and operational needs.

Key Benefits

  • Meezan Indus Hospital Support Plan- MIHSP is Pakistan’s first Shariah compliant co-branded product launched as a CSR initiative to benefit the underprivileged segment of society
  • A convenient tool for paying your Zakat/Donation to The Indus Hospital
  • Options of allocation of Zakat/Donation amount
  • Deduction in Taxable income in case of Zakat (as per Sections 9 and 60 of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001)
  • Tax Credit up to 30 % for individual and up to 20% for corporate in case of Donation (as per Section 61 of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001) **
  • Choice of allocation of investments amount as per risk appetite of the donor
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This product is suitable for investors who are seeking*:

  • Individual or organizations who intend to pay their Zakat and Donation conveniently
  • Investors whose money is lying idle in current account of banks earning no profit or invested in savings account earning very low investment income
  • Individuals who intend to create an endowment fund to support charity while retaining title of their funds
  • Individual or Organizations who have idle funds for long term targets can invest in this plan and chose to set aside a particular portion of profit earned through this product to Zakat/Donation in favor of The Indus Hospital

Risk and return potential: As per the allocation scheme

*Investors are encouraged to consult their Investment advisors prior to investing in the product.

**In order to avail any tax benefit on the donations as per applicable income tax laws, please consult your tax advisor independently. Al Meezan Investment Management Limited doesn’t take any responsibility in this regard.

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*The return on investment is not fixed and is subject to market risks. If you want to evaluate fund performance, you may refer to the Latest Fund Manager Report. Click here