We take pride to be the only asset management company in Pakistan with a sole mandate to provide Shariah compliant investment solutions to our investors. To achieve this objective, we invest in high quality Shariah compliant securities that are selected as per the guidelines laid down by the Shariah Advisor.

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Shariah Advisor

Shariah Advisor

We are very particular about providing Halal and Riba-Free investment opportunities. For all our operations and investments; we draw guidance on matters related to Shariah from the Shariah Supervisory Board of Meezan Bank Limited which comprises of the following eminent and learned Islamic scholars:

The Functions

The primary role of the Shariah Advisor is to ensure compliance with Islamic Shariah principles which includes:

of investment

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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Al Meezan, we work in an ethical framework and as an entity we owe an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large. We endeavor to remain as a socially responsible institution to be considered as a reliable and trust worthy investment partner at all times.

Al Meezan promotes a culture of responsibility through its values, ethics, people, and practices. It seeks to integrate its business operations and values so that the interests of Al Meezan’s investors, employees and communities are reflected in company policies and the actions we take every day.