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As an individual, you may have many dreams including children’s education, a dream wedding for your beloved child, your spiritual journey to perform Hajj or a dream home for your family.

Wedding Savings Plan

Wedding Savings Plan

Objective Of The Plan

MFPF Wedding Savings Plan can become a perfect tool for wedding planning. With ease of regular investments and choice of allocation in accordance to your risk appetite.

Benefits Of Investing In Wedding Savings Plan

Investment in wedding plan allows you to:

  • Obtain the necessary funds for wedding at the required time
  • Option to avail Takaful coverage is available, contributions of which will be deducted from investor’s investment account maintained with Al Meezan.

Features Of Wedding Savings Plan

  • Plan available for a term of minimum 3 years to maximum 18 years
  • Choice of monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual contributions
  • No back-end load
  • Plan valid till principal investor attains age 60
  • Minimum initial investment Rs. 5000/-
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Choice Of Allocation Plans

You can choose to invest in the following Allocation Plans:

Plan Shariah Compliant Equity Fund(s)/MIF Indicative Minimum Limits Shariah Compliant MSF Indicative Minimum Limits
Aggressive Allocation Plan 65% 25%
Moderate Allocation Plan 45% 45%
Conservative Allocation Plan 20% 70%
Sr. No Indicative Minimum percentage allocation invested in Collective Investment Scheme(s)
  Equity Scheme(s) Fixed Income/Money Market Scheme (s) Risk of Principle Erosion
1 Aggressive Allocation Plan 65% 25% Principle at High Risk
2 Moderate Allocation Plan 45% 45% Principle at Medium Risk
3 Conservative Allocation Plan 20% 70% Principle at Medium Risk
4 Very Conservative Allocation Plan 0% 100% Principle at Medium Risk


  • For a comprehensive set of Terms and Conditions all investors are strongly encouraged to read the constitutive documents prior to investing
  • For Takaful coverage*, the Management Company’s role is that of a corporate Takaful agent. Takaful service provider as principal is responsible for all liabilities under the terms of the policy
Age BandTakaful BenefitAmount of Takaful SumGross Rates
18 – 25Death due to any cause(Sum Covered – Balance Amount) Subject to Max of Rs. 5 Million per
26 – 300.8
31 – 351.11
36 – 401.59
41 – 452.45
46 – 504.38
51 – 559.98
  • The Management Company may discontinue the plan, if the Management Company in consultation with the Trustee is of the view that the Terms and Conditions of the plan are not viable for the investors. In such a case, unit holders may either remain invested in MFPF or redeem their units without any back end load
  • Takaful premium shall be deducted after invoicing from Takaful provider on each month based, premium amount will be calculated on remaining amount of sum of insured on the basis of last month balance amount of investor’s account.
Medium - High Risk

Supplementary Offering Documents: Click Here

*Takaful contributions are deducted from investor’s investment account maintained with Al Meezan and submitted to the Takaful operator at periodic frequency. Takaful is subject to underwriting. The AMC will not be responsible or liable for maintaining service levels and/or any delay in processing claims arising out of this facility. The Management Company, the Trustee and the underlying Fund shall not be held liable for honoring any Takaful claims.

Sum Covered – Balance Amount is subject to max of Rs. 5 Million per investor. Minimum age to enter Takaful Plan is 18 years and maximum age is 59 years.

Risk Disclosure: All investments in mutual fund are subject to market risks. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of the future results. Please read the Offering Document to understand the investment policies and the risks involved.

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*The return on investment is not fixed and is subject to market risks. If you want to evaluate fund performance, you may refer to the Latest Fund Manager Report. Click here