Retirement Plans

Retirement planning is one of the most important life-stage goals! Yet, many of us are unable to plan prudently to ensure we have a comfortable and hassle-free post-retirement life. We can help you plan your retirement in a convenient and efficient way.

Retirement Planning

Meezan Tahaffuz Pension Fund

Meezan Tahaffuz Pension Fund is Pakistan’s first and the largest Shariah Compliant Voluntary Pension Scheme. MTPF is the best way to save and invest for your post-retirement needs and it has the potential to deliver superior returns with the added advantage of providing immense Tax Benefits* which significantly enhances the yield on your investment.

*As per prevailing tax laws

Investment Objective & Philosophy

The Fund seeks to provide participants a regular Halal income stream after retirement/disability when they can no longer earn regular income to support their living so that they are not dependent on other members of the society.

Contributions in MTPF are invested in various Shariah compliant instruments to earn Halal returns and create wealth over the entire work life of the participant in accordance with the investment policy of MTPF. You can invest money regularly or you can make lump-sum payments as and when you want.

You can choose from a wide range of investment options; the one that is most suitable for you will depend on your retirement goals, age and your appetite for risk. Your payments will be invested in the particular scheme that you choose with the aim of growing your individual pension account.

Key Benefits

  • Meezan Tahaffuz Pension Fund is Pakistan’s first Shariah Compliant voluntary pension scheme
  • It is a Tax Efficient Structure and the Best Way to save for your Retirement wherein you can avail Tax Credit (as per ITO Section 63) on up to 20% of your taxable income.
  • The Pension Fund is Fully Yours and you have the choice of selecting allocation schemes
  • It’s Flexible, It’s Convenient – Choose to invest regularly through monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly installments or contribute as and when you want, without any risk of penalties on missing payments.
  • It’s Portable – Your pension account will stay with you (remember it’s all yours!) even when you change jobs. Contributions can be resumed at any time either through the new employer, your personal contribution or both. Unlike conventional employee benefit funds which get disbanded when an employee changes job, your account in MTPF stays intact and continues with or without the new employer. Moreover, you can transfer your pension account to another Pension Fund manager of your choice as and when you like, again without any charge or penalty.
  • Lump-sum Payment available on Retirement – On retirement, participants can withdraw up to 50% of the accumulated balance from their pension account, free of tax.
  • Premature Retirement – Death or disability, as defined in VPS Rules is deemed as retirement. This entitles the nominees to encash 50% of the accumulated balance, again free of tax.
  • Range of Investment Options – A variety of investment ‘allocation schemes’ to choose from, customized to suit specific needs and requirements of the participant.
  • Free Takaful Cover – Free of cost Takaful protection for Natural Death, Accidental Death, Permanent Total Disability and Accidental Medical Expenses upto Rs. 5 Million on investment of Rs. 10,000 and above.
  • Choose Your Retirement Age – A participant can select a retirement age between 60 and 70; and also change it at a later date, if he or she wants due to change of circumstances.
  • Allows you to systematically save during work years, so that you can benefit on retirement
  • Managed by the only Shariah compliant Asset Management Company in Pakistan with a solid track record of over 29 years, and under the supervision of a reputable shariah advisor, Dr. Muhammad Imran Ashraf Usmani.
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This product is suitable for investors who are seeking*:

  • To build a voluntary pension for financial security after retirement
  • Flexible and convenient investment which does not penalize for missing payments
  • 100% exposure to one particular asset class for building retirement as per the risk and return requirement
  • Risk Profile/Risk of Principal Erosion: Investor Dependent.

*Investors are encouraged to consult their Investment advisors prior to investing in the product.

Key Features

Scheme Name Meezan Tahaffuz Pension Fund
Scheme Type Open-end Islamic Voluntary Pension Scheme
Date of Inception June 28, 2007
Fund Size – January 31st, 2024 Rs. 20.68 Billion
Allocation Schemes

Six Asset Allocation Schemes:

  1. High Volatility
  2. Medium Volatility
  3. Low Volatility
  4. Lower Volatility
  5. Life Cycle Plan
  6. Customized Allocation
Minimum Investment Amount Rs.1,000
Lock-in Period No lock-in (investor will be taxed on redemption), however a commitment to remain invested till retirement is the essence of the scheme
Management Fee Meezan Tahaffuz Pension Fund (Debt): 0.50%
Meezan Tahaffuz Pension Fund (EQ): 1.50%
Meezan Tahaffuz Pension Fund (GSF): 1.30%
Meezan Tahaffuz Pension Fund (MM): 0.50%
Entry Load 3%
Exit Load Nil
Rebalancing Frequency Semi-Annually*

*exceptions may apply in compliance with Offering Document

Tax Benefits EET Structure
– Tax Exempt on Contributions
– Tax Exempt earnings throughout the Investment Period
– At the time of retirement Tax free withdrawal on 50% of accumulated amount, remaining 50% can be used for Monthly Income Payment Plan* or purchase of Annuity from a Life Insurance Company*Disbursement of MIPP is subject to applicable Tax laws.

Asset Allocation Schemes

With Gold Equity Sub Fund Debt Sub Fund Money Market Sub Fund Gold Sub Fund
High Volatility Min 40% Min 20% Nil Max 25%
Medium Volatility Min 20% Min 40% Min 10% Max 15%
Low Volatility Min 05% Min 60% Min 15% Max 05%
Lower Volatility Nil Min 40% Min 40% Nil
Without Gold Equity Sub Fund Debt Sub Fund Money Market Sub Fund
High Volatility 80% 20% Nil
Medium Volatility 50% 40% 10%
Low Volatility 25% 60% 15%
Lower Volatility Nil 50% 50%
Life Cycle Plan
Automatically adjusts your allocation from High Risk assets towards Lower Risk based on your age profile
Variable Volatility 0-100% 0-100% 0-100% 0-100%

Fund Performance Highlights

FY23 FY22 FY21 FY20 FY19 FY18 FY17 FY16 FY15 FY14 FY13 FY12 FY11 FY10
MTPF – Equity Sub Fund 0.21% -9.93% 34.72% 5.97% -23.7% -16.5% 20.4% 18.1% 26.6% 32.4% 54.9% 16.8% 36.0% 31.50%
MTPF – Debt Sub Fund 14.39% 8.34% 7.37% 10.99% 7.0% 2.8% 4.9% 4.5% 6.4% 7.7% 8.3% 9.5% 10.9% 8.50%
MTPF – Money Market Sub Fund 15.87% 8.26% 5.19% 9.92% 7.3% 2.9% 4.4% 4.0% 6.9% 6.9% 7.8% 10.9% 10.7% 8.50%

Eligibility criteria for Takaful coverage on minimum investment of 10,000

Benefit Cause of Event Takaful Sum per Investor Covered
Basic Death Benefit Natural or Accident Equal to the investment amount of each individual subject to Max of Rs. 5,000,000 per investor
Accidental Death Benefit (ADB) Accident only Equal to the investment amount of each individual subject to Max of Rs. 5,000,000 per investor in addition to Basic Death Benefit
Permanent Total Disability (PTD) Accident only Equal to the investment amount of each individual subject to Max of Rs. 5,000,000 per investor
Accidental Medical Expense Accident only 20% of investment amount of each individual subject to Max of Rs. 1,000,000 per investor

Note: For details on Tax Credit, please Click Here

Manage Investment At Your Fingertips!

  • Get account balance: SMS BAL (Portfolio ID) to ‘6655’
  • Daily NAV prices : SMS NAV to ‘6655’
  • Investment Advisor help : SMS ‘INVEST’ to ‘6655’
*The return on investment is not fixed and is subject to market risks. If you want to evaluate fund performance, you may refer to the Latest Fund Manager Report. Click here