Separately Managed Accounts

We are there to help you in managing your investments by utilizing our skill, dedication and time. Take advantage of our tailor made Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) services and delegate this responsibility to our qualified professionals.

Separately Managed Accounts

Who is it for?

As an Investment Manager and Advisor, we offer a specialized service called Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) that aims to optimize and grow your investments. Our team of experienced investment managers are dedicated to diligently managing your investments to ensure their growth and success.

We will assist you in achieving the pre-determined financial goals including regular income, capital appreciation and capital preservation or even if you are looking to achieve a specific target return on your investments. Your investment portfolio and the asset allocation will be built as per your requirements.

Need For SMAs

In contrast to mutual funds, Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) are personalized investment portfolios tailored to the specific needs  of the investor and managed by a dedicated SMA team.

The need for SMAs stems from the fact that people are becoming more aware of investment avenues available to them and there is a  growing desire for investors to have a personalized solution to their investment needs. SMAs become handy in such situations where  an investor is willing to invest a considerable amount of money and requires professional fund management, or advisory of the  portfolio, based on the personalized risk tolerance and return requirement.

Key characteristics of SMAs are as follows:

A Personalized Approach

Assistance in achieving pre-determined financial goals including regular income, capital appreciation and capital preservation or even a specific target return on investments.


Access to expansive range of investment strategies and the power to choose one focused strategy or to diversify across  multiple Shariah compliant asset classes


Freedom of deciding maximum/minimum weightages across particular asset class, sector or company. SMAs can also be structured to exclude investments in a particular sector or product.


With an SMA, you receive regular comprehensive reporting. Your account statements show the securities you own,  number of shares and many other details to help you understand how your investments are performing.

Services Offered Under SMAs

Al Meezan Investments provides high quality, customized Portfolio Management  and Advisory Services to institutional clients such as: Retirement Funds, Charitable Institutions, Endowment Funds etc. and also to High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) under license by Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Our Investment Advisory Services include:

1. Discretionary Portfolio Management

Salient Features

  • Taking investment decisions and managing the portfolio on behalf of the client.
  • Execution and settlement of transactions.
  • Reviewing and Reporting.
  • Provision of Power of Attorney while Custody of Assets to be held with a third party (custodian appointed with mutual consent).
  • Assistance from our back office team.
  • Dedicated SMA portal that provides ease of access to all portfolio data.

2. Non- Discretionary Portfolio Management

Salient Features

  • Offering investment advice from time to time.
  • Acceptance and execution of the same remains up to the discretion of the client.
  • Execution and settlement of transactions remains the responsibility of the client.
  • The client shall share details of executed transactions with AMIM.
  • Client has a dedicated relationship manager for portfolio and performance reporting
  • Portfolio review presentations may be furnished upon request.
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