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At Al Meezan, we take care of your life goals by offering a variety of investment plans to secure your family’s future and turn your dreams into reality. You can select the plan that best matches your requirement.

Meezan Strategic Allocation Plan - V

Meezan Strategic Allocation Plan-V (MSAP-V) is the fifth plan based on Fund of Funds Scheme, Meezan Strategic Allocation Fund (MSAF). The plan has an initial term of two years and will use active asset allocation strategy for providing competitive returns on your investment.

Investment Objective & Philosophy

The objective of Meezan Strategic Allocation Plan – V (MSAP-V) is to actively allocate its portfolio between Shariah compliant equity schemes and Shariah compliant fixed income/money market schemes based on the macroeconomic outlook on such asset classes.

Key Benefits

  • Meezan Strategic Allocation Plan –V (MSAP-V) allows maximum possible equity participation based on Fund managers outlook on the market.
  • Strategy reflective of investor’s risk appetite as market conditions change.
  • Actively managed by experienced Fund Managers.
  • Initial duration of 2 years from the close of subscription.
  • Managed by the only Shariah compliant Asset Management Company in Pakistan with a solid track record of over 28 years, and under the supervision of a reputable shariah advisor, Dr. Imran Ashraf Usmani.
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This product is suitable for investors who are seeking*:

  • Active Allocation between Equity and Money Market
  • Shariah complaint investment and Halal profit
  • Risk controlled strategy
High Risk

Risk and return potential: High
*Investors are encouraged to consult their Investment advisors prior to investing in the product.

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*The return on investment is not fixed and is subject to market risks. If you want to evaluate fund performance, you may refer to the Latest Fund Manager Report. Click here