Syed Hussain A. Naqvi - Al Meezan Investment Management Limited
Al Meezan Investments


The management team at Al Meezan is composed of dedicated and experienced professionals. The team develops and implements the strategic business plans for the Company in line with its vision and mission and efficiently manages the day-to-day operational functions.

Syed Hussain A. Naqvi

Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Hussain A. Naqvi, carries over 19 years of familiarity with Mutual Fund Industry, where he has imparted his services to leading Asset Management Companies of Pakistan.

Prior to joining Al Meezan Investment Management Limited, he was functional with NBP Fullerton Asset Management Limited as Chief Operating Officer. He also served as Chief Executive Officer of PICIC Asset Management Limited after taking over the same by NIB Bank Limited.

Prior to this, he had been associated with companies like Atlas Asset Management Limited and National Investment Trust Limited, where he served on higher management position and was nominated as the director on the board of various listed companies.

Mr. Naqvi was actively involved in system developments and automation of various functionalities of business models such as Digital Transformation, Mobile Apps, ATM redemptions, online redemption, conversion, Account Opening and Investment Transactions.

He was also involved in development and implementation of Unit Holder, Investment and Compliance and Deviation Module which is fully integrated with general ledger and produces real reports of transactions.
Mr. Naqvi also served as Assistant Manager Audit and has been associated with Ernst & Young Chartered Accountants.