Mohammad Shoaib, CFA - Al Meezan Investment Management Limited
Al Meezan Investments


The management team at Al Meezan is composed of dedicated and experienced professionals. The team develops and implements the strategic business plans for the Company in line with its vision and mission and efficiently manages the day-to-day operational functions.

Mohammad Shoaib, CFA

Chief Executive

Mr. Mohammad Shoaib, CFA is the Chief Executive Officer of Al Meezan Investment Management Limited, the largest Shariah compliant asset management company in Pakistan. He has over 25 years of experience in managing investment portfolios. Currently with Al Meezan Investments he is managing investments of over Rs.162 Billion ( as on December 31, 2020) under 17 mutual/pension funds and discretionary clients’ portfolios, and leading a team of 652 employees of the organization

He is an MBA from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi of 1988 and has also taught in his alma mater, several courses ranging Security Analysis to Finance & Accounting.

He got his CFA charter in 1999 and later founded the CFA Association of Pakistan in May 2002 with 40 members. He was the first President of the CFA Association of Pakistan (CFAAP) and during his leadership CFAAP achieved several milestones including the “Innovation Award” in 2006 and the “Strategic Planning Award” in 2008 from the CFA Institute.

From 2008 to 2012, Mr. Shoaib served on the Presidents’ Council Representative (PCR) for Asia Pacific Region which serves sixteen societies in the Asia Pacific region.

Recognizing his contribution to the mission of the CFA Institute, CFA Magazine listed him as the “MOST INFLUENTIAL” CFA Charter Holder in 2006.

Besides volunteering for many CFA Institute committees, Mr. Shoaib has also voluntarily served on:

  • Asia Pacific Advocacy Committee,
  • Global Corporate Governance Task Force,
  • Society Growth Support Evaluation Panel
  • Charter Pending Workgroup
  • Society Partnership Workgroup

Currently he is serving on the following committees of CFA Institute:

  • Member of the Asset Manager Code Advisory Committee
  • Member of the Executive Committee of GIPS

Apart from his association with the CFA Institute, he has also been involved in many other voluntary roles, such as:

  • Nominee director on the Board of Karachi Stock Exchange. Appointed by SEC in Pakistan (2002 -2003).
  • Board member of Institute of Capital Markets in Pakistan
  • Chairman of Mutual Funds Association of Pakistan
  • Director on the Board of Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance (2011 – 2014)
  • Member of the Academic Board of Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Pakistan
  • Member of the Central Bank’s Committee on Islamic Capital Markets

He has participated in various seminars, conferences and workshops across the globe during his 25-year career in managing investments. During the last 10 years of his career, he has focused exclusively on managing Shariah Compliant or Islamic portfolios. He has been a speaker / panelist at various conferences on the subject of Islamic Asset Management in Middle Eastern and Far Eastern countries. He has also been featured in CFA Magazine with reference to his contribution to Islamic asset management, corporate governance and other voluntary leadership roles.