Imad Ansari - Al Meezan Investment Management Limited
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The management team at Al Meezan is composed of dedicated and experienced professionals. The team develops and implements the strategic business plans for the Company in line with its vision and mission and efficiently manages the day-to-day operational functions.

Imad Ansari

Head of Risk Management

Imad Ansari is the Head of Risk Management at Al Meezan. He holds a degree in Actuarial Science and Risk Management from the University of Karachi and an MBA degree from Greenwich University, Karachi.

His experience of over 10 years has been mainly as a risk professional in the asset management and the banking industry. He has also worked as a financial journalist for 4 years as a researcher, analyst and television presenter in leading media channels in Pakistan.
In addition to that, he is also spearheading the establishment of Information Security Function to help integrate relevant risk controls under the risk management wing.