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Opportunity to invest in MAAP-I

October 25, 2017

Dear Investor,

Alhamdulillah we are pleased to announce the reopening of Meezan Asset Allocation Plan-I (MAAP-1) for investment, after successful completion of two years. During the two year period MAAP I has provided a cumulative return of 27% despite a market correction of 25% from the recent peak. This plan will continue to use an active asset allocation strategy for providing competitive returns on your investment.

Meezan Asset Allocation Plan-I is a unique plan for investors who wish to benefit from the equity market and want an actively managed investment portfolio. The objective of the plan is to provide a potentially high return through active asset allocation between Shariah Compliant Equity and Income/Money Market schemes. This plan with a new maturity date of two years is available now. Subscription is open for a Limited Period of Time.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Strategy reflective of investor’s risk appetite as market conditions change
  • Maximum possible equity participation, based on fund managers outlook on the market
  • Actively managed by seasoned Fund Managers
  • A means of diversification for investment portfolios
  • Tax Benefit on investment upto 20% of your taxable income or Rs. 1.5 million (whichever is lower), as per Section 62 of ITO

We are pleased to inform you that Al Meezan Investments has the Highest Management Quality rating of AM1 in Pakistan which denotes Excellent Management Characteristics. It is also one of the Largest Asset Manager in Pakistan with AUMs of Rs. 101 Billion (as on September 30, 2017).

The performance history of MAAP-I and other investment plans based on active asset allocation strategy with track record of over one year is given below:

Days since Inception 832
Size in (Rs. Million) as on September 30, 2017 1,120
Fund Returns 27.14%
Benchmark Returns 23.05%

Note: All returns are absolute from inception of plans till Oct 20, 2017. The performance data has been computed NAV to NAV with dividend reinvested and does not include the cost incurred directly by an investor in the form of sales load etc.
Categorization: Asset Allocation Plan under Fund of Funds.

Who Should Invest?

MAAP-I is suitable for Investors who are seeking:

  • Active allocation between Equity and Money Market securities
  • Shariah compliant investment and Halal profit
  • Risk controlled investment strategy