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Institutional Clients

A wide range of institutional investors have relied on Al Meezan for over 25 years to preserve and grow their assets. While managing institutional investments, we draw on our capabilities and expertise to serve the diverse needs of institutional investors through prudent investment strategies.

Al Meezan manages the assets of 1,666 institutional investors including Financial Institutions, Retirement Funds, Corporations, Public Sector Organizations, Healthcare Organizations, Charitable Institutions, Endowment Funds and Academic Institutions etc., representing a total of over PKR 67 billion in institutional assets under management (as on September 31, 2020). This demonstrates the depth of our experience in providing high quality, customized Portfolio Management and Advisory Services to institutional clients, understanding the complexities of their financial obligations and requirements, including legal requirements, challenging performance obligations, risk management and governance.

Guiding Principles

We seek to cultivate strong relationships with our clients by understanding client needs and goals comprehensively. Beyond traditional client servicing standards, we partner with our clients so they are apprised of developments regarding not only the strategy in which they are invested, but importantly the broader financial landscape.

Investment Solutions

Our investment management solutions are broadly categorized into Pooled Fund Management and Separately Managed Accounts

  • Pooled fund management

    Al Meezan’s mutual funds’ solutions are spread over various asset classes such as Shariah compliant Equities, Sukuks, Commodities and other short-term instruments. These solutions are based on a single fund or a diversified portfolio of funds that best suit the client’s profile and investment policy. We help institutional investors build cost-efficient portfolios through portfolio diversification across various mutual funds,
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  • Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs)

    Al Meezan’s SMA services include Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management Services and Investment Advisory solutions. Typically, SMAs are customized solutions for the clients with specific investment requirements. We work with you to tailor a solution according to your needs and investment style. Al Meezan’s dedicated corporate team will co-ordinate the servicing of your mandate, including performance reporting and the arrangement of regular meetings to keep you up to date with your investment performance. We currently manage a number of SMAs across various asset classes spanning the risk return spectrum.

    Key Features of SMAs:

    • Direct ownership of underlying securities
    • Personalized investment management
    • Specifically designed Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
    • Increased Investor control over portfolio management
    • Superior risk adjusted returns
    • Flexible fee structure

    We offer following services to institutional investors in SMAs:

    • Discretionary Portfolio Management

      It includes Portfolio Management based on Investment Objective, Constraints and Risk Profile of the Investor. Al Meezan has full discretion over the ultimate investment decisions and strategies employed in the portfolio of its clients

    • Non- Discretionary portfolio Management

      Al Meezan Investments performs Risk Profiling, suggest Asset Allocation and execute Trade Transactions. However, full discretion over choice and timing of Investment Decisions remain with the client

    • Investment Advisory

      Investment Advisory covers Risk profiling and suggestion of Asset Allocation only (choice, timing and execution of trade remain with the client)

SMA Process Flow & Investment Strategies

SMAs are available for institutional investors interested in individual securities purchased in a separate custodial account pursuant to a customized investment management agreement and investment guidelines. Minimum investments vary by strategy.

Fixed Income

Our fixed income strategies cover a range of Shariah compliant Fixed Income securities and Mutual Funds, rate exposure and portfolio durations. We tailor portfolio solutions to meet specific client risk/return profiles and defined investment objectives. These strategies are aimed at providing low-cost structures with lower volatility by investing in Shariah compliant fixed income instrument for example Sukuks, GOP-IJ and COIs etc.


Our equity strategies cover various investment styles including  Shariah compliant Growth Strategies, Value Based Investing and Index Tracking etc. Al Meezan manages the largest private sector equity portfolio -in Pakistan. Our product offerings include equity funds, Index Tracker funds as well as customized separate accounts.


We provide institutional clients with a wide variety of liquidity and enhanced liquidity mandates customized to their unique portfolio needs. Our product offerings include Shariah compliant money market securities and mutual funds as well as customized separate accounts. These strategies are aimed at providing low-cost solutions for short-term investment by investing in Shariah compliant money market securities for example Banks and DFI placements, Commercial papers and cash etc.

Next Step:

If you wish to explore investment solution through a SMA, please contact our experts.

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VP Sales – South Region

Phone: 0346-8202368

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VP Sales- North Region

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Regional Sales Head – Central Region

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VP Corporate Sales

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