Al Meezan Investments

How you can Invest

Investing with us is a simple process for both individual and institutional investors. “How You Can Invest” will lead you through the process to open an investment account.

Select appropriate fund(s)

Meezan Islamic Fund

To maximize total investor returns by investing in Shariah Compliant equities focusing on both capital gains and dividend income.

Al Meezan Mutual Fund

The objective of Al Meezan Mutual Fund is to optimize the total investment returns, both capital gains and dividend income, through prudent investment management.

KSE Meezan Index Fund

To provide investors an opportunity to track closely the performance of the KSE-Meezan Index 30 (KMI 30)

Meezan Balanced Fund

The objective of Meezan Balanced Fund is to generate long term capital appreciation as well as current income by creating a balanced portfolio that is invested both in high quality equity securities and Islamic Income Instruments.

Meezan Islamic Income Fund

To provide investors with a high and stable rate of current income consistent with long term preservation of capital in a Shariah compliant way. A secondary objective is to take advantage of opportunities to realize capital appreciation.

Meezan Sovereign Fund

To seek maximum possible preservation of capital and a reasonable rate of return by investing primarily in Shariah compliant government securities.

Meezan Cash Fund

To seek maximum possible preservation of capital and a reasonable rate of return via investing primarily in liquid Shariah compliant money market and debt securities.

Meezan Financial Planning Fund of Funds

To generate returns on Investment as per respective allocation plans by investing in Shariah Compliant Fixed Income and Equity Mutual Funds in line with the risk tolerance of the Investor.

Meezan Tahaffuz Pension Fund

To provide participants a regular Halal income stream after retirement/disability when they can no longer earn regular income to support their living so that they are not dependent on other members of the society.

Meezan Gold Fund

The objective of Meezan Gold Fund is to provide maximum exposure to prices of Gold in a Shariah Compliant manner, by investing signi?cant portion of the Fund’s net assets in deliverable gold based contracts available on Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX).

Fill out the appropriate application

Or complete the appropriate application in case of Redemption, Conversion or Transfer of Units.

Please ensure to include a legible photocopy of your NIC, NICOP/Passport, Job/Business Proof, Zakat Exemption Declaration (Individuals) and other required documents in case of corporate investors.

Sending forms and contributions to us

The cheque will be made in favor of Central Depository Company (Trustee). For instance; investment in MIF will be made in favor of CDC Trustee Meezan Islamic Fund. The form along with the investment/contribution instrument will be sent to:


Al Meezan Investment Management Limited Ground Floor, Block B, Finance and Trade Centre Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi